Writing and Illustration for Children

Humphrey Serving Cocktails

Creative Hobgoblin

Humphrey sunning himself 

Peggy Pinn's Garden

Illustration from Flutterby (work in progress)

Woolly Worriers

Fairies That Lunch


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love your illustrations!
    What's the first one about? It made me a little sad? Are you working on a story?

    1. Hi Leila, as always thank you for your appreciation. The first one is a work in progress under the title of 'Butterfly.' It's loosely based on my early childhood illness and is sad but I hope it has a positive feel too. It's still in the early stages and needs a lot of working on yet but I'll return to it one day. My little ones are so funny and daft that I like doing funny and daft things at the moment!

  2. Hey Rebecca, I've been meaning to reach out to you in regards to question I have on your services lol. I mean I would love to know if you do personal illustrations if someone sends you a picture and the cost? Can we chat on this, would love to hear from you my email is livinginmommywood@gmail.com :)!