Monday, 3 October 2016

A Morning of Artistic Industry

As I aim to be a stay at home artist as well as a stay at home mum, I have spent this entire morning working on my etsy shop.

It is actually a very time consuming process to create the picture, transfer it to the computer via camera or scanner whilst all the time fixating on the contrast, the resolution, the detail, the need for the loo and yet another cup of tea.

I now have a craving for scrambled eggs but just thought I'd post a little gallery of what I did this morning...

Taking photos outside provides the best results - a tip I would suggest is that you don't let the cat out when you lay out your wares for it will lie on them. Another tip would be to check the lawn before you kneel down to take the photo otherwise you may kneel on a slug.

I'm very into colouring in pages for both adults and children for I feel it has the very therapeutic effect of settling a busy mind.

This little fairy daydreamer is so intricate in her lacy wings that I think it would satisfy an avid adult who loves colouring in as a well as a child. Plus when it's complete it makes a beautiful stain glass or patchwork effect.

Right, off to make those scrambled eggs now!

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