Thursday, 29 September 2016

What to do now BOTH children are at full time school?!

To earn my crust from my passion for illustration is literally the stuff of dreams for me. So out comes the pencil case at every opportunity and I'm doodling, drawing and colouring like a thing possessed.

Now both my children are at school all day I am simultaneously excited and terrified at the notion that I might actually finish something and, dare I say it, earn a living.

So far I have managed to finish some designs and make them into cards.

Cards are fabulous of course but I do love storytelling too and wanted to combine the two, and so along came the concertina story card.

Meet Humphrey, here he is in charge of cocktails at the Birthday party, a party with a difference. In Humphrey's world you get what you ask for for your birthday, whether that's a monster, tiger or dinosaur, the only real issue is, how to keep them in the box!

This is the inside and can keep tiddlers occupied with colouring if they fancy it, plus they can display their colouring efforts on the shelf like a little gallery.

This is the cover and more pages to colour in.

If you fancy reading Humphrey's birthday tale here it is...

There's also tigers, dinosaurs and fairies in my etsy shop (and some beautiful nudes too!):

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