Tuesday, 21 June 2016

What have you been doing all day?

This is a question my husband often asks when he comes home from work. I usually don't know what to say in return because when I try to think about what I've actually done, I can't recall anything.

So this morning I made a mental note of everything I've done so far (it is now 9.50am)

Got up - obviously

Transformed myself from looking like a zombie to, well, looking less like a zombie than before.

Transformed two messy angels with hair that radiated from their heads like frizzy globes into presentable school and nursery children.

Cleaned up cat sick in the conservatory.

Took dog round the garden.

Fed dog and beastly cat.

Prised the tablet off my daughter while she was playing 'Owls Sim' and managed to get her to eat some porridge before she rushed back to it.

Fed a family of four, each with a different breakfast.

Took children to school.

Put laundry on.

Ate half a packet of jammy dodgers.

Cleaned and tidied the bathroom cabinets because my husband turned them out all over the bathroom floor and in the bath looking for his wedding ring while I was on the school run.

Poo patrol in the garden.

Washing up.

Listened to half of 'The Lost Boys' soundtrack.

So when my husband comes home this evening and asks me what I've done, at least now I'll have something to tell him. I'm sure he will be thrilled!

I'm off to tackle the garden now...