Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ups and Downs of Being a SAHM

So I'm half way through the week and, as usual there have been a few ups and downs.

The ups have been:

1) My little girl getting 100% in her spelling test.

2) My little boy prising himself away from the mountain of dinosaurs to kiss me goodbye at nursery - that must be true love, to choose me over dinosaurs!

3) I've managed to write the first chapter of my next Mrs Misfit short story, provisionally titled 'Autumn Antics'.

The downs have been:

1) Accidentally left my son's mattress draped over a heater. Returned to find it had melted and much of had welded itself to the radiator. I've spent many hours chiselling it off with a knife but it still looks like it's been shrink wrapped by a Tesco carrier bag.

2) Being repeatedly told, 'Unidentified object in the bagging area' in Tescos when the unidentified objects were my children. They just could not comprehend that when they sit or stand on the bagging area everything shuts down and mummy can't buy the new mattress protector to replace the one she melted!

3) Somehow managed to let loose an entire bag of sugar over all our shoes and boots in the porch. Such a tedious and fiddly job to get rid of it all before the ants get a whiff of it.

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