Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The bittersweet curse of a butterfly mind...

I can only say that it's been a whirlwind of Christmas and both children's birthdays and my first attempt at hosting a children's birthday party (there will be a post about this and the humiliating theatre trip during the Christmas break to follow!) So much so that I have totally fallen out the loop of actually turning my computer on let alone going online.

However, here I am back in the saddle and relieved. I have to admit that I missed my social media life. I felt a bit like I'd left a party without saying goodbye.

Though my fingers have failed to trip the light fantastic on a keyboard, they have been busy creating an eclectic array of wonderous things.

I have actually finished my picture book, 'Odd Witch' a thing which forced me along a rollercoaster ride of delirious highs and crashing lows, to come out the end with something that I do actually love.

It's now available on amazon as an ebook and I'm currently waiting for a paperback proof, fingers crossed it turns up looking like a book and not some scrapbook full of wonky pictures!

Having completed my masterpiece my eclectic mind has veered off in a different direction. Trying to pin down my butterfly dreams has only found me procrastinating and crying whilst eating biscuits.

In the middle of a wine induced rant at my poor husband as he tried to watch Top Gear, I suddenly realised - I should embrace my butterfly mind and go with the flow.

So I have opened an etsy shop to sell my original watercolour nudes set against beautiful patterned backgrounds -

I will now take a deep breath and jump into the world of my butterfly mind and see what happens - but first, I think I'll have a gin and tonic!