Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Presents wrapped, now for the food shop!!

Though I love this festive time of year with its whiff of magic and tinsel, there is a lot for us folk to do behind the scenes.

Whilst hubby dozed on the sofa last night I ploughed through a mountain of cards, hand writing repetitive Christmas greetings and hopefully hilarious tales about the little ones.

I think I have actually finished the bulk of present and card preparation but there is still the daunting task of....the christmas food shop!

Shopping for our weekly shop is manic enough. Girlie Girl wants every princess or Frozen item on the shelves and Toddler Boy grabs advertising signs as we sweep past, dragging them and many tins of beans off the shelves in our wake. 

The festive season will find me heaving an overweight trolley with the ubiquitous wobbly wheel causing it to veer at random angles whilst pacifying two screaming tiddlers. I will arrive home to discover that I have forgotten essential items such as milk and bread whilst the two little ones prize the lid off the Quality Street and eat most of the contents before I can stop them.

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