Friday, 31 October 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mrs Misfits and her Quest for a Halloween Costume

When Miss Perfect turned up at hometime sporting a large zip up bag containing her halloween costume, Mrs Misfit started to panic. The Halloween party was due to start in under 2 hours and until this point Mrs Misfit had no idea that grown ups were expected to dress up.

She turned to fellow parents and said, 'well, it's all a bit of fun...isn't it?'
Mr Gibson proceeded to announce in detail the lengths he had gone to with his costume which involved five cans of green body paint. 

'I've been sewing my outfit for six weeks now,' giggled Mrs Haberdashery, high on her own creative genius.

'What have you made for yourself?' asked Miss Perfect with her usual slightly smug smile.

Internally Mrs Misfit thought, 'shit, I have done nothing except make the kids their Halloween outfits.'
Externally she replied loftily, 'Oh, I've rustled a little something up,' and fled to the shops. As she charged along in the biting teeth of the wind she envisioned shelves laden with fabulous Halloween garb...
The wind whipped about making her eyes burn and her mascara stream as Mrs Misfit made her way to the shop that would prove her saviour and allow her to show Miss Perfect just how talented and organised she could be.

Unfortunately the shop did not live up to her expectations...
Back home Mrs Misfit raided her craft basket. She thought she could make a decent Spiderman with a red jumper and black wool.
Even the cat thought it looked rubbish.

In the end, windswept with swollen tired eyes and mad hair, Mrs Misfit decided to go to the party as she was and stuff all the other fancy dressed folk...
As luck would have it they thought she had tried really hard to dress up as a 'Zombie Mummy' and awarded her first prize.
The children proved to be very attached to their Halloween outfits at bedtime. Once they were happily snoozing Mrs Misfit went downstairs to enjoy her Halloween prize with Mr Misfit...