Friday, 25 July 2014

Where is the time, where is the energy?

When do us domestic goddesses find time or indeed energy to read? I've heard women say that they read a book when their child faffs with their potty or whilst stirring the gravy.

Perhaps I should strap a book to my waist so that I can whip it out at a moment's notice.

Reading is a vital ingredient for my well being and yet it has been shelved for more essential activities such as eating and sleeping, things that I cannot go without apparently.

Reading is just the tip of the iceberg. When do I find the time to satisfy my passion for illustrating and writing? In fact time is not the only hindrance, lack of energy is also key.

I feel like a daily tea pot pouring out lovingly made succour to the little (and grown up) beings in my house, endlessly tipping up to imbibe my loved ones with whatever they need. I am happy to do so.

Unfortunately, when the moment arrives to indulge myself the tea pot is empty (I am a tea fanatic hence the analogy!) and instead of creating masterpieces or reading them I sit before the T.V. in a sort of limbo land between waking and sleeping.

My creative world is constructed on bits of paper as line drawings and random strings of words that I hope one day I will decipher as the wondrous masterpieces that I once conceived them to be.

Of course I will be a successful writer and illustrator one day, in the same manner that one day biscuits will not be a staple of my diet, I will step outside with both hair and make up done and will cook and serve a family meal without, at some point, hiding in the bathroom crying into a flannel.

Here's hoping...

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  1. Hi, Rebecca! I'm a mom and an illustrator trying tooth and nail to make it as a professional. It's slow-going but it's happening. However, there is no way I'd be able to do this with a young kid. My ex has my 9yo half the week. I cook infrequently (I nuke a lot) as cooking takes too many precious hours. I don't watch TV--I just forget to turn it on after years of forfeiting the telly to my child. Social media is a good outlet and I'm trying to create an online presence, but it's also a black hole that I've got to stop falling into. In place of a book, I've taken to carrying a notebook for random thoughts and doodles of possible illustrations. But I hear you, there are not enough hours in the day!