Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Life Goes on Without a Computer!

When a pop up on my computer took up two thirds of my screen and kept flashing that I could enlarge my nether regions with one click I had to admit that there was something wrong.

My fabulous Computeresque wizard took away the poorly machine for FIVE WEEKS!! yes... FIVE WEEKS!!!

In that time I have had little contact with online folk and now sincerely feel out the loop.

So here goes with my first foray back into the wonderful online world...

Daily Doings:

After spending hours covering his fruit and beans in netting to keep out the birds, hubby came in and announced that, not only could the little tweeters still get in under the netting but that he was now unable to get to the fruit himself to pick it. To his face I was full of sympathy, when he left I had a little chuckle to myself.

Spent a very frustrating hour and a half trying to do artwork this afternoon (whilst Toddler Boy had an unusually long nap). Had a very dubious picture at the end and a headache - bah!

I did peruse my old art folders to try to convince myself that I can still draw.

Found this little gem which reminds me of Girlie Girl and inspired a thought for the moment...

You'll never be bored if you love drawing.


  1. It's beautiful! You're so talented.

    1. Thank you Leila, your lovely comments always inspire me.