Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Embarrassing Times for a Mum

I've read a few blogs with hilarious articles about parents deliberately being uncool or fully knowing that they're an embarrassment to their children.

I would like to focus on the embarrassment I suffer as the mum of two small children.

On more than one occasion I have found myself talking to grown ups with sick, snot or poo on my person somewhere.

It is my voice that booms 'WAIT THERE!' disturbing the tranquillity of the local boating lake and causing a large flock of swans to take flight.

The other day the teacher took me aside to discuss my daughter's silly behaviour. I demonstrated all the right signs to show I took this matter seriously. I had forgotten that I'd put a vast array of animal, heart and fairy hairclips in my hair to keep them safe while I hoovered the children's bedroom earlier that day. I stood there disapproving whilst looking like the ambassador for silliness.

I have not even touched on the number of times I have stood in shame beneath many disapproving stares whilst my children shriek, scream, flail about on the floor and generally swipe every item off the shelf in the supermarket.

In short being a parent is the source of much embarrassment. Whether it is derived from the little darlings swearing in the sweet shop or from myself asking them loudly if they need a wee in public, embarrassment is a fundamental part of parenthood.

Realising this, I feel a little emancipated from the terror I used to feel about being embarrassed. No more do I turn puce and run for cover. Instead a laugh along with myself, fostering a much needed embarrassment immunity shield.

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