Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bless all the dear children - a little festive cheer

Today my little girl picked up the nativity story and said proudly, 'This is the story of manger mummy.' Love it, all the talk of Jesus and Santa and she remembers the manger.

Whilst looking at turkey crowns in the supermarket she said, 'I like all these turtles.' They actually do look like turtles.

Naughty Idea: Should I call the turkey a turtle when I dish up Christmas dinner? It could be one of those scenarios that results in my little ones believing they are eating turtle at Christmas for years to come. This reminds me that me and my brothers believed my mum was a cave girl in 'The Land That Time Forgot'. She had an answer for everything, she said she'd been covered in boot polish and changed her name so her parents wouldn't find out and we wholeheartedly believed her and told all the kids at school.

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